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I am Mirai Jani and I am basically from Bangalore. I want to tell you about the most important thing about me, but I don't know where to start. I have a serious job and a lot of interests. I'm very cheerful and I love to laugh, I believe that laughter cannot only prolong life but also help to remove stress and it is easier to bear the "blows of fate". I know what a relationship is worth, and I hope that I will find a man who is ready to devote himself to love! Well, by profession I am a Comedian. I have an amazing sense of humour and I love to make other people laugh. For, me it is a beautiful feeling that through comedy I can bring happiness and joy into other people’s life. Being a girl It was hard and challenging for me to stand out in a crowd because people were not giving me even one chance or opportunity to prove myself on stage, then I came across this Escort in Bangalore.

Other than that, I also love to create drama but in a good way. You can call me a drama queen. My friends would describe me as funny, sweet, naught, and a crazy person. In my free time, I love to go to the party and to dance. I love to dance more when I am drunk. I am looking for a person here who can be in a long term relationship with me. 

Escort in Bangalore always look in top shape, dressed in a classy manner and ready to entertain you.

I am seeking someone who has an amazing sense of humour as I have. I want someone who does not take my jokes seriously because when I start to crack jokes I do not care who is standing in front of me. I want a man who is mature, funny, and responsible at the same time. And adopt me as I am Escort in Bangalore.

I can provide you with a very personal escort experience. I am an incredible lady to be with for a reason. I naturally puts your desires at the front of my mind. Not being shy in making them a reality for you. Correspondingly, acquiring her pleasure from your gratification sexual or escort job. Just seeing you enchanted. Meanwhile, grinning from ear to ear. Makes you feel just as good as you feel this is my duty as an Escort in Bangalore.

Having a body that was simply built to pleasure and catch the eyes of all those around. In fact, this is but one of many reasons that clients just cannot stay away from me. I am certainly take top prize when it comes to my Escort in Bangalore services and personality.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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